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Confectionery utensils Dortisimo.cz

Everyone really has a choice with us!

Dortisimo.cz offers a wide range of pastry tools and ingredients for the production of cakes, desserts and pastries of all kinds. We are the exclusive importer of the brands Smartflex, Food Colors and Fractal. In the wide assortment of raw materials, you can find, for example, coating and modeling materials, various types of chocolate, food colors, creams, fillings, sugar decorations, flavoring pastes, mirror glazes, or have an edible print made according to your wishes. Both professionals and amateurs can choose from our e-shop or stores. In the offer you will find, for example, baking molds of all kinds, mats for cakes and desserts, cutters, silicone molds, transfer film, trimming tips and many other goods, thanks to which you can easily create a cake or dessert that will be the decoration of your celebration. With us, baking is easy and fun.


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confectionery supplies and accessories


Your confectionary specialist with exclusive representation of brands: Smartflex, Food Colors, 4Cake, Fractal, SweetArt.

The company Dortisimo.cz is a supplier of confectionary raw materials and accessories with exclusive representation of the brands Smartflex, FoodColours, Fractal, 4Cake and SweetArt. Brick stores in Prague, Brno and Hradec Králové offer an abundance of goods where everyone can choose whether baking is a job or a hobby.

We bake heavenly

Through the selected recipes, I want to reveal to you how sweet I perceive it to be and how much I wish you could see it as well. Sometimes confectionery can be true alchemy, sometimes it's easier than scrambled eggs...

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, we can probably all agree on one thing. We all like the feeling when it just works out. The feeling that the time spent in the kitchen was not wasted and that the ingredients, efforts and everything around it were not wasted.

This is precisely why we like to rely on recipes when baking, knowing that they will lead us to a successful goal. I often get stuck at this point too. Baking books are often pretty, but they don't always work. And that is the biggest challenge for me, so that every recipe is one that you will succeed in and you will be happy to leaf through the next one. I would like Pečeme nevesky to be a part of your free moments, when you have time, well-being and the desire to sweetly relax. I would like you to enjoy the progress you will make and be the one to prepare a beautiful cake for any celebration.

Now that you are reading these lines and holding my second dream book in your hands, believe me it means a lot to me. It is one thing to talk about something and another to prove it. Moreover, it is a book that represents what I love most of all - sweet.

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Confectionery utensils Dortisimo.cz

Our brick-and-mortar stores offer the opportunity to reach for all the goods and choose the right tools and raw materials.
You can find the largest store in Prague in Letňany. Willing and trained saleswomen will answer any questions and always help you choose tailor-made products. In the large sales area, you will find a huge number of ingredients such as coating materials, gel and powder colors, chocolates, icings, sugar decorations, flavoring pastes, whipped creams, aromas, fillings for cakes, pies and buns, gelatins, gels, glues and many others. Likewise, the selection of accessories is really rich. Do you need, for example, molds and rims for corpuses, pastry cards, palettes and spatulas, brushes, bones, scalpels and rasps, rollers and irons, embossers and printers or arranging tools for flowers? This is no problem for us. Just come and you can see everything and shop in a pleasant environment. And you don't have to go only to Prague. You can also find other well-stocked stores in Hradec Králové in Mýtská Street, but also in Brno on Mojmírov náměstí. We look forward to your visit and hope you will be satisfied with our services.

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